Bespoke Design & Development

Bespoke ironmongery has become much more commonplace in recent years, as Designers discover that specially manufactured items are now more cost effective, easier to design and quicker to develop than they had anticipated. It would be true to say that nearly every project we deliver now has at least one element of bespoke ironmongery on it.

Franchi have developed flexible processes to aid in the manufacture of Bespoke ironmongery, from initial advice on design, through to prototyping and onto production. Our detailed knowledge of manufacturing techniques, materials and our experience with special finishes is why Franchi is now the preferred partner for designers and architects wishing to develop bespoke ironmongery to complement their projects.

Areas where we can assist include:

-              Detailed knowledge of manufacturing techniques and materials

-              Early project sampling of materials, finishes and prototyping

-              2D & 3D handle design and rendering

-              3D printing of models

-              Prototype manufacturing