Aluminium is experiencing a small resurgence in popularity, due in part to the quality, resilience and diversity of anodised finishes now available. Anodising is an Electrolytic passivisation process which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. During the anodising process, specialist chemicals can be used to create a myriad of high quality metallic colours.

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Franchi are now able to offer a complete range of coloured anodised finishes, all manufactured to external grades up to 25 microns thick. As the finish becomes part of the external material rather than a coating, they are much harder than paint finishes and highly resistant to fading.

Part of the beauty of an anodised aluminium finish is it retains the texture of the metal before it was anodised, so the surface treatment affects both the look of the finish as well as how it feels in the hand. Basic anodising creates a soft metallic sheen, whilst a satin treated changes the way the light refract as it moves round the object.

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In addition Franchi offer a range of bead blasted anodised finishes, when the the surface of the aluminium has been blasted with thousands of tiny beads. The result is unique robust textured finish composing of tightly packed indentations, which are incredibly comfortable to the touch.